Rock art update

While I’m on the subject of the UN (see previous post), it’s about time I provided you with an update on the vandalised rock art (see also the posts in the “Vandalised rock art” category to the right).

MINURSO have continued to be cooperative, and have been liaising with my Catalan colleagues (who specialise in the rock art and who have worked extensively at the sites in question) regarding possible restoration. Sometime roundabout now an expert in restoring damaged rock art sites should be assessing the possibility of rehabilitating the sites (at Lajuad and possibly at Rekeiz). Of course it may not be possible – any further intervention may just cause more damage. But we will have to wait and see – more news as I get it.

UNESCO are maintaining a stoney silence, and never responded to my enquiries. So I can only assume that they have well and truly bowed to Moroccan pressure and are placing politics above heritage, as previously argued. Tut tut – shame on you UNESCO.


2 Responses to Rock art update

  1. Adrian says:

    A “stoney” silence? That is painful.

  2. nickbrooks says:

    Ho ho – that was unintentional. You caught me out!

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